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czCube general partners

Logo EMP-Centauri mechanical parts, electronic devices, printed circuits
Logo PROCON software development support
Logo Cybertex meeting space, electronic devices, printed circuits
Logo ESC solutions, electronic devices, people
Logo FEL ZCU laboratories, technical consultations, institutional support 

Our sponzors

Logo GES equipment for Earth station
Logo Mini-Circuits samples of the directional coupler for the 70cm band
Logo GLYNfree samples of 60W power amplifier for the 400-470 MHz band 
Logo 5M composite profiles for Earth station
Logo CML free samples of integrated Bell modem FX614
Logo Melexis free samples of TH7122 integrated FM/FSK/ASK transceiver
Logo Printed free printed circuits
Logo Gatema free printed circuits
Logo Autodesk Autodesk Inventor Professional (free license)
Logo Hittite power amplifier, RF switch
Logo Arachne Labs cables and connectors for Earth station
Logo Framos demo board for camera development
Logo ANADIGICS free samples od integrated RF switch 15W