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Utility for T100 device

Dear T100 users,

our team (czCube o.s.) was an independent nonprofit organization. We tried to develop and build a small satellite of cubesat class, czCube. As a part of our effort, we have built an autonomous ground station facility. We bought the T100 analyzer from TimesTechnology in order to properly tune our antennas and our UHF and VHF equipment. We found T100 as a great tool but with some limited software and data processing capabilities.

T100 utility screenshotTo improve it, we created a simple utility which can communicate with T100 device, collect data from it and after that, process the data in some well-known forms, as SWR chart, Smith chart and Return loss chart.

We provide this utility to the HAM community for free, you can use it and distribute it further as freeware. If you find this utility useful, we would very appretiate your donation to our PaySec or PayPal accounts, which could help us in our effort. If you plan to re-distribute the software, please include this readme as well as the URL to our site,

No installation is necessary. Just copy the EXE file to any directory and run it. The only thing you have to do is the selection of COM port in the right upper corner of the main program window. Measurements will start automatically. The first sweep will be performed with larger frequency steps (to give you a quick look). After that, additional measurement sweeps will be performed in the background.

You can save/load measured data to/from CSV files or print the charts to any Windows' printer.

Any ideas for further improvements of the software are welcome. In case of interest, the source code (MS Visual C++ 6.0, simple Win32) is also available.

download T100 utility (V1.09, ZIP, 163 kB)David Holas, OK1WTX
czCube, o.s.

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