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czCube project

(started at 2004, ended at 2014)

Logo mise czCubeDesigning and constructing of small modular satellite was our ambition. To verify some principles and various modules conductive to amateurs approachable nanosat or nanoprobe "building kit" (by funding, by organization and by technology) was our main goal.

Project started at 2004 and ended at 2014 because goal was not reached. But our ground station is still in intermittent operation.

The main reason for the failure was probably high cost of the project, as well as lack of time and experience of the team members.

For CubeSat funding was (in 2010) still needs to have a budget of several million CZK (approximately 100000 Euro, of which about 50000 Euro is for the purchase of parts of the CubeSat and additional 50000 Euro is for commercial [non sponsored] space launch). It is obvious that for this reason, the construction and launch of the small satellites is not yet available for independent groups of enthusiasts. Such a high budget is possible for universities and other large organizations. For groups with a small budget is so far the only recommendation to wait until "astronautics" prices fall even further.

The second major problem was the lack of time and expertise of czCube team members. We opted for the development of all parts of the satellite "from scratch", which is financially acceptable, but it requires too much time and knowledge. This approach was beyond the capacity and skills of czCube team members. For the hobbyist groups therefore we recommend an approach, based on the composition of the satellite from commercially available modules. See, eg. or .

The content of this site serves as an archive of czCube project and contains information about the history and progress of the project.

Original components to verify:

  • structure 
  • power supply with solar cells 
  • radiocommunication (transmitter/receiver)
  • full attitude determination and control [experiment]
  • digital imaging (onboard camera) [experiment]
  • alternative propulsion (electrodynamic tether, solar sail) [experiment]

Our CubeSat prototype (10.9.2005)Nanosatellite czCube was designed as CubeSat class. Development and construction was funded by team members only.

At November 2010 we have completed our ground station. The station is currently in basic test operation. Operational is the automatic trackiing of selected satellites and receiving telemetry in the 435-438 MHz band and 144-146 MHz band, in the FMN format, 1k2 AFSK.

Web news and updates:
09.11.2012 - Results (new version of Utility for T100 device, V1.09)
18.09.2011 - Ground station / Packets database
10.02.2011 - Results (Utility for T100 device)
12.12.2010 - Photogallery (czCube ground station)
14.10.2010 - Ground station czCube and GES-ELECTRONICS
14.02.2009 - Photogallery (images from meeting at 7.2.2009)