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Project history

Our models of CubeSats (09.10.2004)Project started on web forum in 2004 and ended in 2014.

We overlooked design of some foreign nanostats, put together group of enthusiasts, separated us into working groups and outlined basic characteristic of our nanosatellite (of CubeSat class) in the past.

We specified details of project and decided for concept of smart independent modules connected by serial bus (in years 2005/2006).

czCube prototype (27.11.2007)We were developing and constructing prototypes of main modules (structure, power, radio, camera, tether, solar sail, magnetometer, ADCS) until 2010.

We attended a 2nd European CubeSat workshop at ESTEC (Netherlands) in January 2009.

We have completed our ground station at November 2010. The station is currently in operation. Operational is the automatic trackiing of selected satellites and receiving telemetry in the 435-438 MHz band (since April 2011 also in the 144-146 MHz band), in the FMN format, 1k2 AFSK.