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Radio 1 (435-438 MHz)

Main purpose of radio beacon is to ensure basic satellite telemetry. For this is designed in accordance with radioamateur standards.

Module utilize AFSK modulation, 1k2 AX.25 protocol (packet radio) and 40 wpm Morse code (CW).

Whip antenna is used. Module transmits data continually.

Radio 2 (2,4 GHz)

Second radio is intended for faster transfer of bulk data to Earth (such as images from camera or recorded telemetry).

Transmission rate is 9600 and 38400 bps. Protocol is AX.25 (9k6 G3RUH or 38k4 G3RUH).

For S band is used patch antenna. Module transmits data only on request or in pre-programmed times.

Beacon prototypeBeacon prototypePatch antenna